The State of Massachusetts initiated a law in 1995, requiring all on-site sewage treatment systems to fall under specific guidelines. This was in response to concerns about the contamination of groundwater and local drinking water supplies as a result of antiquated septic systems and cesspools within Massachusetts.

The Code of Massachusetts Regulations (310 CMR, Section 15.00) states that Title 5 Inspection: “Protects you and your neighbors from public health threats. DEP, local Boards of Health and system owners all share the responsibility for the proper sitting, construction, upgrade and maintenance of on-site systems.”

In 1995, the year that the law was implemented, Al Rivet, the owner of All-Clear, entered the septic industry as a Title 5 Inspector. However, after he had performed thousands of inspections, Al discovered that there was a need for a company in Massachusetts and Rhode Island that could provide inspections, effectively troubleshoot septic systems and provide any preventative maintenance or repairs that were required. As a result, the incorporation of All-Clear as a septic and wastewater services company was established in 2004.

Septic Preservation Services

The service offerings available to our customers through All-Clear have grown over the years, as consumer needs were identified through hands-on experience. We proudly offer Title V Inspections, RI Inspections, confidential septic evaluations, troubleshooting services, annual maintenance, remedial repairs and septic rejuvenations.

Professional Inspections

All of our inspectors at All-Clear have pride in the job that they do. They strive to always provide a thorough, complete and professional inspection for our customers, respecting the landscape of the home or business in the process.

The equipment we use includes what we call “mini excavating machinery,” that have been designed to locate specific components of your septic system. These tools include a “sewer cam” that we use to investigate the inside of your sewer lines and jetting equipment that we use to clean the pipes within the leach field.

All-Clear stands behind our official inspections. We have earned a solid reputation within the community for providing honest and thorough inspections. We have even been called upon to provide a second opinion or a confidential voluntary assessment for the homebuyer.

This high standard of quality and commitment to excellence has set All-Clear apart from our competitors and has made us experts in the septic and wastewater service industry.

Customer Education

At All-Clear we believe that the best thing we can do for our customers is to properly educate them about the proper maintenance of septic systems and preservation of their local environment through proper usage. We provide helpful education to each of our clients and other local industry professionals throughout the New England area, through a series of informative workshops and seminars, as well as our on line recources.

Our team of inspectors and professional septic service providers have even taught a workshop at the University of Rhode Island. Their Functional Inspectors Workshop was attended by a variety of industry providers, including other septic inspectors, realtors, health agents and engineers.

Experience You Can Trust

All-Clear has over 25 years of experience working within the local septic industry. When you call us to take care of your septic system needs, you are hiring a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals that have worked with both commercial and residential properties. All of our septic cleaning, pumping, rejuvenation, remedial repair and upgrade services are relied upon by many local realtors, municipalities, engineers and property owners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.

You can hire All-Clear with full confidence, knowing that our inspectors are all:

  • Licensed and insured in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • MA DEP certified ( – see us under certified inspectors
  • RI DEM certified ( – see us under registered inspectors & service providers
  • Grade 2 Wastewater License (MASS)
  • Grade 1 RI wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
  • Presby, Elgen, Geo Flow, Singulair, FujiClean, Biomicrobics FAST, Advantex Treatment certified
  • MHOA members
  • MOWRA & YOWA members

All-Clear is affiliated with the following organizations:

  • National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA –
  • Yankee Onsite Wastewater Association (YOWA –
  • Massachusetts Health Officers Association (MHOA –