Watch this great video by Kate Lanagan MacGregor from BOLD Moves Real Estate as a technician from All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services performs a Title V Inspection.
All Clear Septic Services performs a detailed and  thorough MA  Title V Inspection.  All of the septic system covers are opened prior to the inspection.  The technician begins by measuring the grade depth of all covers.  The measurement is taken from the top of the tank to the soil surface.  Next the condition of the inlet and outlet pipes is assessed.  The overall liquid level is checked and measurements of the solids at the bottom of the tank and the scum layer at the top are taken.
Next is the evaluation of the condition of the distribution box.  Waste water from the tank is very corrosive and runs through the distribution box.  Over time the concrete may break down due to the corrosive nature of the liquid running through it.  The addition of a filter on the outlet pipe of the tank and/or the addition of a vent on the distribution box are very beneficial in preserving the life of this component.
How can you help prevent this?  Risers installed to bring the tank covers to grade can help.  Having covers to grade makes a routine maintenance program easier.  Instituting a routine maintenance program is very important for the overall health of your septic system.
Luckily for the homeowner in this video, this system passed.  Let us help you develop a routine maintenance program so you will pass your MA Title 5 Inspection.
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