septic systemAll Clear Septic and Wastewater Services have extensive experience in the field of septic systems and as a result of this experience and the excellent reputation we have in the region we are often called out for septic system repairs. Today we have a distribution box repair scheduled in Westport MA.
A conventional septic system consists of a septic tank, a distribution box and a drainfield, all connected by pipes, called conveyance lines.
Your septic system treats your household wastewater by temporarily holding it in the septic tank where heavy solids and lighter scum are allowed to separate from the wastewater. This separation process is known as primary treatment. The solids stored in the tank are decomposed by bacteria and later removed, along with the lighter scum, by a professional septic tank pumper.
After partially treated wastewater leaves the tank, it flows into a distribution box, which separates this flow evenly into a network of drainfield trenches. Drainage holes at the bottom of each line allow the wastewater to drain into gravel trenches for temporary storage. This effluent then slowly seeps into the subsurface soil where it is further treated and purified (secondary treatment). A properly functioning septic system does not pollute the groundwater.
Your entire system must be working correctly for your septic system to do its job so if just one part is malfunctioning you need to have it repaired.
If you think you may have a septic septic problem and either need to discuss your concerns with one of our staff or schedule an appointment please do contact our Norton Office in 508-763-4431 or visit