collage-preventive-maintenanceMany homeowners may feel that septic systems basically take care of themselves if left alone.   You may be one of the lucky few that breezes through home ownership with a problem free septic system but this is generally not the “norm”.
Septic Systems need basic maintenance to keep them working properly as well as good household habits.
For the septic tank, maintenance means the periodic removal of accumulated sludge and scum, cleaning the effluent screen and inspecting the system to see that the baffles are sound and in place.  Septic systems need to be pumped every 3-5 years depending on the use.
For systems that utilize pumps, the homeowner should be reminded that pumps are mechanical, so the pump tank and pump should be regularly inspected to ensure solids are not entering the tank. Make sure the pump, electrical connections and floats are in good working order.  Pump tank should be pumped out and cleaned every 5 years to keep solids out of mechanical pump. It will last longer.
Distribution Box should be checked and pumped out when the septic tank is pumped.  This distribution box gives a good indication of the health of the leach field.  Leach fields are also part of the septic system and should be monitored.  They can become overly saturated and fail also.
Household use can have a big impact on your system.  Garbage disposals are not a good fit with a septic system and are better off being removed or used sparingly.  Water usage is important.  Spacing out washings, and dishwasher loads, fixing leaky faucets, and timed showers can all help prevent saturation in your leach field.
Being careful what goes down your drains and toilet and into the septic system can also preserve the life of your system.  Keep wipes, feminine products, and thick toilet paper out of your toilets and fats, grease, harsh chemical cleaners and bleach out of your drains and your septic system will thank you.
All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services has a great maintenance program to keep your septic system running smoothly.  They are the experts and can answer all your questions on household use and extending the life of your system.  Give them a call at  508-763-4431 or visit