Happy New YearThe New Year is here and the holidays are over.  How did your septic system survive?  Holidays can put a strain on your septic system with extra guests and water usage.  Things may accidentally get flushed which shouldn’t, or food products are put down the sink such as fats and grease.  You may need to catch up on laundry or cleaning.  Now may be a good time to pump out your system if it’s been awhile since you last had it pumped.  Three to five years is a general rule of thumb but usage may dictate whether you pump more frequently.
The New Year is also a good time to think about a maintenance program.  All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services offers a great maintenance program.  They can answer all your questions and make sure your septic system is running properly for years to come.  Regular maintenance on your septic system can extend the life of the system and avoid costly repairs.
Call All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services at 508-763-4431 and find out how you can benefit from their maintenance program and their team of experts or visit www.allclearseptic.com for more information.