Al Rivet with All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services walks through the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection Form – Part 2

Do you have questions about the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection form?  Do you have a septic inspection pending?  Al Rivet from All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services takes us through the 17 page document line by line, highlighting the sections which may cause confusion or need further explanation.
In part two of his overview of the form, he begins with a request that you read the form in detail, as you go along with this video if you so desire.   He then goes into detail regarding the failure criteria, including one of the most common failure reasons being part of the soil absorption system below the groundwater high level.  This is to ensure the system does not contaminate the local groundwater or well.
Large systems for condominiums or other businesses is the next subject, with flows between 10,000 and 15,000 gallons per day.  This is mentioned to be sure the system capacity is sufficient for the water used by the business or living space.   There are different criteria for the septic system which must be taken into account to pass due to size, capacity and space needed for the soil absorption system.
The top of page six begins the checklist identifying the current state of the septic system.  It requires the inspector to note all aspects of the system including pumping records, plan inspections and any record of recent maintenance to the system.  These pieces of information will give the inspector a better understanding of the system’s health.
The bottom of page six and all of page seven are dedicated to the current conditions under which the septic system is being used.  The number of bedrooms the system was designed for compared to the actual number of bedrooms is first, and quite important.  A healthy system is designed to handle at minimum the total number of bedrooms in the dwelling, if not more.   If there are more bedrooms than the system was designed for there could be significant flow issues and the possibility of contaminating the ground water.  Other pieces of information noted are laundry or garbage grinder usage, seasonal living and any water meter readings if they are available.
Lastly on page 7 are conditions if the system if for commercial or industrial usage, with technical information regarding the system design and usage being listed.
Watch the video below as Al Rivet walks you through this portion of the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Septic Inspection Form!

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