Al Rivet with All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services walks through the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection Form – Part 3

Do you have questions about the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection form?  Do you have a septic inspection pending?  Al Rivet from All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services takes us through the 17 page document line by line, highlighting the sections which may cause confusion or need further explanation.
Al continues his review on page 8 which asks for details on pumping records of the septic system.  These records can be obtained from the local health department as the pumping company is required to provide the health department with information every time your system is pumped out.  This is another key indicator of the health of the septic system showing if it has been taken care of properly of not.  It also is required to show the system has not been pumped within the two weeks previous to the inspection, which will prevent the inspector from seeing the system under normal usage.
The next section asks for information regarding the type of system being used.  Most conventional systems consist of a  septic tank, distribution box and soil absorption system, but there are other systems which consist of cesspools, a shared system or some other new or innovative technology.  The age of the septic is asked for as well as the current contents of the tank, how full it is and if that level is acceptable or not.  Al recommends adding risers to the tank for ease of access as well as a filter to ensure the system is not clogged.
Tight tanks are discussed next, which are a septic tank without an outlet in an area where a soil absorption system is not safely usable.  This may be on a beach or area with a high water table or other situation where a soil absorption area is not possible.  He goes into more detail about distributions boxes and the health of a septic system based on the health of the distribution box.
View the video below to get the full review of pages 8 through 13 of the Massachusetts Title V Septic Inspection Form by Al Rivet of All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services!

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