All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services know that after getting through the holiday season many people are getting back to ‘normal’ and hoping their finances will do the same. However although some maintenance can be put off until your wallet has recovered from the holiday season one thing that really should not be ignored is septic maintenance, more specifically septic pumping. Septic pumping is not a ‘nice to do’ item but something that has to be done if you have a septic system servicing your property. It does not usually have to be done that often, generally every 3-5 years depending on factors including the size of your system and the number of people using it. However it should be done regularly and if you leave too much time between septic pump outs you will start to see unpleasant and costly repercussions.
We have septic pumping scheduled today for customers in Hanson, West Bridgewater, Sharon, Taunton, Norton and Raynham MA.
Here are some other suggestions that will keep your system running smoothly:
Septic System Do’s and Don’ts
Things you should do

  • DO get your septic tank pumped regularly and have it checked for any cracks or leaks.
  • DO call All-Clear for a Voluntary Assessment of your septic system.
  • DO conserve water whenever possible as a means of reducing the volume of wastewater that will need to be treated and disposed.
  • DO make repairs to any faucets or toilets that are leaking.
  • DO make sure that you are only discharging biodegradable wastes into your system.
  • DO restrict or avoid use of your garbage disposal.
  • DO take the time to ensure that any down spouts or other surface water is diverted away from your drainfield.
  • DO keep the cover to your septic tank accessible by installing covers and risers for easier inspections and pumping.
  • DO have an effluent filter installed to prevent debris from entering your drainfield.
  • DO add a laundry filter to your washing machine.
    DO put kitchen trash into a compost or throw it into the garbage – not down your drains.

Things you should NOT do

  • DON’T flush products such as tampons, sanitary napkins, condoms, disposable diapers or wipes into your system.
  • DON’T empty oils or other types of kitchen grease down your drain.
  • DON’T dump any items that can disrupt the treatment process or contaminate groundwater, such as: paints, oils, thinners, pesticides, poisons or disinfectants.
  • DON’T build anything over your drainfield or dig in it for any reason.
  • DON’T plant any landscaping over your drainfield – except grass.
  • DON’T drive a vehicle over your drainfield or compact the soil in ANY way.
  • DON’T run purification back flush into the septic tank.

If you wish to schedule a septic pumping or if you have any septic system questions please do contact our Norton office on 508-763-4431 or visit All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services for an evaluation and to set up quick and easy pumping arrangements.