All Clear Septic
 All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services came to my home today in Attleboro, MA, to do a Title 5 septic Inspection.  Like many property owners in Massachusetts, I have a septic system that needs to have its Title 5 Inspection done before I can proceed with the sale of my property.  Although I clearly work in the industry, I have never been in the field with our inspectors when they are carrying out an inspection and it was actually more interesting (and less unpleasant) than I imagined.  Firstly, they arrived promptly and explained what they were doing, because, like many homeowners, although I have read about the process, I was unsure how they would proceed.  They dug two holes in my yard which were exactly over two large covers that I hadn’t even realized were there.  They explained what I was looking at down my hole (some of the black sludgy stuff is actually fly droppings) and what they were measuring for and looking at.
They took a lot of measurements and pictures using tablets before putting the covers back  and filling the holes back in and topping them off with the sod. Without knowing what to look for, you would never have even known they had been there . I was surprised how easy the whole process was, unlike a lot of the other things I have to do whilst trying to sell my home.  It’s another item checked off the long list of things to do.  I made the decision to have my Title 5 Septic Inspection done early in the process because it will be valid for 2 years, and now that it’s done, should a potential buyer have any concerns.  If you need to have a Title 5 Inspection done or if you have any questions about the process please do contact our office where they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
You can reach us at or call 508-763-4431