Many things have changed in the septic system industry over the last decade or so. Gone is the notion that every failed leach field must be completely moved or reconstructed due to clogging or failure. Leach fields that meet certain criteria can now sometimes be altered through the use of remedial technology. Today’s septic system technicians have new technology at their disposal that can help them rejuvenate leach fields and get them back on track. This technology can help save the property owner thousands of dollars over what it would cost to replace the system entirely.
A Clean New Start
When used in the case of clogging or failure, systems that meet the criteria for septic system rejuvenation can get back on track to run effectively and efficiently. Septic system rejuvenation can help any existing equipment that doesn’t need to be replaced following a failure to last longer, providing you with years of effective treatment without having to invest in a complete replacement.
Septic rejuvenation in Massachusetts works to repair failed or trouble systems. Nitrogen, phosphorous and pathogens are removed from the waste solids in the leach field during the process, allowing them to get broken down and removed much faster. Then the wastewater is able to get cleaned and purified faster, improving the system and reducing the threat upon local groundwater, rivers and streams.
How It Works
While there are many techniques and methods being used all across the country, All-Clear Septic & Wastewater is using an amazing aerating technology to enhance septic system maintenance in Dartmouth and all over Southeastern Massachusetts. The patented technology intermittently aerates and rejuvenates leach fields and the surrounding soil rather than aerating the septic tank wastewater. What this does is allow septic systems that have failed to rejuvenate rapidly, thereby extending the life of the leach field and the septic system as a whole. When used in a system that has failed or is troubled, septic rejuvenation can reverse septic failure and increase the efficiency of the entire system.
The septic system rejuvenation process is now being used all throughout the United States and Canada by over 2,000 different septic service providers. So far, it has proven to be very successful in many different soil types, climates and regions. Septic rejuvenation in Massachusetts has been used in commercial situations where the demand is high on septic systems, such as hotels, healthcare services, marinas, food processing facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, laundry mats and more.
What It Does
Understanding what this treatment does and is able to do to rejuvenate leach fields just might make you a believer. In addition to restoring your leach field and improving the function of your entire septic system, this type of septic system maintenance in Dartmouth is a long term, cost-effective solution designed to save you money.

  • Septic system rejuvenation works to lower the costs for the operation, maintenance and on-going repairs for your septic system.
  • Installation on an existing system will result in very minimal damage or disruption of your property’s landscape.
  • Septic rejuvenation in Massachusetts has been proven to enhance the removal of nitrogen, phosphorous and pathogens.
  • Rejuvenation results in a quick restoration of your septic system functions – even in a failed system.

Proven Effective
The technology that All-Clear Septic uses to provide septic system rejuvenation has been tested by leaders within the septic industry, leading universities, such as Delaware Valley College, Massachusetts Test Center and the University of Rhode Island, and even third-party organizations. While the process itself is quite simple, the idea behind this new technology is nothing short of revolutionary. The method is somewhat similar to what happens during composting, which is why rejuvenation of even severely failed systems can occur after just a few days.
Popular products that are available on the commercial and industrial markets attempt to rejuvenate failed septic systems by aerating the wastewater. This is a very limited approach, as the amount of oxygen that can be successfully added into water is limited. By aerating the soil, the oxygen goes directly into the clogged biomat and the soil within the leach field, resulting in a faster rejuvenation that is more effective and thorough.
Increased Efficiency
Don’t underestimate the importance of increased efficiency within your septic system. Through proper septic system rejuvenation, the hydraulic capacity of most systems can be boosted by two to five times as its previous capacity. As a result, many homeowners discover that they won’t even need to use a portion of their leach field any more. In fact, as much as 25-75% of the leach field can be held in reserve and allowed to rest for future use.
With all of the cost-saving benefits associated with septic system rejuvenation, its in your best interest to at least speak with a representative at All-Clear Septic & Wastewater about your options. For septic system maintenance in Dartmouth and the surrounding Southcoast region, All-Clear specializes in preventative maintenance programs, rejuvenation, Title 5 Inspection, Confidential Voluntary Assessments and other septic system related services. Give them a call at 508-763-4431 for more information or to set up an appointment for a consultation.