All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services

Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services

All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services was founded in Acushnet, Main 1995 and since has provided excellent title 5 septic inspections, repairs, and troubleshooting throughout the region including Westport, Dartmouth, Acushnet, Mattapoisett, Marion, Rochester, Freetown, Swansea, Seekonk, Assonet, and Wareham. In 2015 All Clear Septic and wastewater expanded and opened an office in Norton, MA. This new office provides the same excellent title 5 septic inspections and services throughout its new region including Norton, Attleboro, Mansfield, North Attleboro, Taunton, and Easton. As licensed title 5 inspectors, licensed septic installers, and wastewater treatment plant operators our team are able to provide complete and professional septic and title 5 services to our customers throughout Massachusetts.

Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services Attends GSDI Conference in NH

All Clear Septic

Septic Preservation Services attended the 29th Annual GSDI Spring Septic System  Conference and Expo  in Manchester, New Hampshire, March 14th and 15th.

Septic Preservation Services has been serving all of New England for over 25 years. Starting with Septic inspections we have continually grown to meet the needs of the wastewater industry as well as the community it serves. We currently are a leader in the wastewater sales, service and installation services. Meeting and surpassing the industry and customer needs.

Our service is customer driven and engineering minded. We service all Advanced Treatment Systems, old and new. From Over Board Discharge type systems to commercial industrial strength waste. We have certified wastewater operators on staff to meet the requirements of each state we service.

Installation. We are certified to install and maintain all product we sell and a few more we do not.

Our sales and distribution products line continues to grow by adding new innovative products such as the Fuji Clean wastewater treatment system. Fuji Clean is new to the USA but is the #1 advanced treatment system in the world with over 2 million systems installed and running. This innovative system has major advantages is size and cost over other advanced treatment systems. It also allows for a 75% reduction in drain field size in NH. Along with distribution of other wastewater products we are uniquely qualified to assist in detailed product information, service and installation.

Visit for all your septic system questions answered and see how we can make a difference, or call 508-763-4431.  We have the knowledge and expertise to work with you to solve any septic issues you may have.

All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services

All Clear Septic and Wastewater Encourages Homeowners to be Aware of Signs of Septic Issues

All Clear Septic and Wastewater welcomes spring and encourages homeowners to be aware of signs of septic issues. During spring rains and snow melt the soil over leach fields can become soggy and muddy, this is a sign that your system may be failing. You should have your system inspected by a septic professional to avoid more serious symptoms such as sewage breaking out on the lawn or backup of sewage into your home.

All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services improves its storage and construction yard

All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services improves its storage and construction yard. Whether you are in Norton, MA. Portsmouth, RI. North Smithfield, RI. Stoughton, MA. or Marion, MA. our ability to respond to your septic needs is important. All Clear Septic and Wastewater inventories many key septic components as well as maintaining a complete portfolio of equipment required for septic inspections and septic repairs. With recent improvements to our construction yard All Clear Septic and Wastewater can more easily store, service, and maintain our equipment so that it is ready when you need a septic inspection or repair.

All Clear Septic at the 29th Annual Conway Country Convention

All Clear attended the 29th Annual Conway Country Convention 2016 in Quincy last
month.  It’s always a pleasure working with realtors to get their listings Title 5 Approved!
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All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services

All Clear in Acushnet for Title 5 Inspection!

All Clear is at Pine Street in Acushnet this morning doing a Title 5 Inspection for an interested buyer! Did you know that as a buyer you can call All Clear and rest assured that a thorough inspection is being done? All Clear will guide you and let you know what to expect as a new homeowner. Also, All Clear will be at Captain Circle in Tiverton, RI this afternoon doing a Functional Inspection for another interested buyer! All Clear completes First Maintenance & Functional Inspections throughout all of Rhode Island. Are you buying a home with a septic system? Give All Clear a call today!! Mention this post for a 5% discount!!!

Woodstock Inn and Brewery

Septic Preservation and the Woodstock Inn Brewery in North Woodstock, NH

Woodstock Inn and BreweryThe Woodstock Inn Brewery in North Woodstock, New Hampshire has had great success since its beginning in 1982 with only 4 rooms and a restaurant.  Two years after it opened, the owners reached over to Lincoln to save a bit of that town’s past, its old train station. Sawed in half and carefully, if not memorably, transported a few miles away to the Inn, that station became the Woodstock Station, allowing the expansion of the kitchen and the dining room. In the mid-nineties the owners decided to enter into the almost non existent “craft” brewing world with a small 7 barrel brewery that is still in use today for new test runs as well as specialty beers only on tap at the Inn. Fast forward to today and the Brewery has expanded to a large 30 barrel production brewery, crafting more than a dozen year-round and seasonal beers available throughout New England.

 Septic preservation was contacted because of issues with the wastewater arriving at the Woodstock wastewater treatment plant. The load and strength of the wastewater coming from the brewery has been overloading the treatment plant. This overload has caused the treatment plant to remove more solids per month than can be managed. The town has mandated that the brewery must pre-treat the outflow from the brewery and will charge the brewery thousands of dollars each month it is not in compliance. This made the incentive to treat the wastewater an easy decision as the return on investment would be relatively quick. If you are in White Mountains region, stop in the visit this beautiful historic Inn and Brewery.
Contact All Clear Septic to help you solve your wastewater problems just like the Woodstock Inn Brewery in Woodstock, NH.  They have the answers to all your questions.  Call 508-763-4431 or
All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services

All Clear helping Middleboro comply with Title 5 requirements

All Clear Septic & Wastewater services is working to help Middleboro businesses comply with the recent town regulations to conduct title 5 inspections on commercial properties. All Clear Septic & Wastewater is committed to providing services that will help Middleboro commercial property owners comply with the new sewer regulations at an affordable price. Initial title 5 inspections will document all septic systems components to allow for time and money savings during subsequent title 5 inspections throughout Middleboro.

All Clear Septic Testimonial

All Clear Septic Testimonial

All Clear Septic TestimonialAuto Wash, Elliot Maine

The Auto Wash in Eliot Maine has cleaned up their act. After being listed in an online New York Times article as the top water polluter in the state of Maine, the auto wash was in dire need of treatment to their wastewater.
Septic Preservation Services was able to review and analyze the multi faceted and complex issues causing pollutants to be discharged into the ground. The project was critically important due to the close proximity of sensitive wet lands. We were able to take the information gathered and design an onsite wastewater treatment system that solved the issues at hand. The issue was rather complex due to the type of waste generated by the car wash. A significant amount of the waste were solids including, dirt, salt, and road grime not terribly difficult to remove from the wastewater. The rest of the pollutants were soap, wax, oils, grease and other auto fluids. These proved to be more difficult to remove. After many tests we were able to organically treat the wastewater with a special bacteria developed with the ability to consume these organics. After treatment the auto wash is able to recycle the clean water back through the wash and reduce water consumption. This ability to recycle water has a significant impact on the environment and the amount of water discharged into it. With the Auto Wash’s close proximity to sensitive wet lands taking a green approach to the issue was crucial. The Auto wash is now one of the cleanest and greenest in the state.

All Clear Septic has the answer to all your septic problems and needs.  Call 508-763-4431 or visit to have all your septic questions answered.  Auto Wash in Elliott, Maine called and had all their problems solved.

Cesspools and Seepage Pits

all clear septic, how much waterCesspools and Seepage Pits

Cesspools and seepage pits are the predecessors of the modern day septic system.  Older houses may still be utilizing these systems especially if they have not been sold in the last 100 years.  So what is a cesspool and seepage pit?


The cesspool is the forerunner to the modern day septic system. The cesspool is simply a vertical pit dug into the earth. This pit is lined with a porous cement, or block, or stone. Gravel fills the area outside of the liner.   Wastewater from the home is channeled to the cesspool. The solids fall to the bottom where they are partially digested by bacteria and microorganisms that occur there naturally. The effluent leaches out into the gravel and soil surrounding the pit.

Today, cesspools are not the best method of dealing with household wastewater. If your home has one and it is working properly, keep it carefully maintained by having it pumped regularly. Avoiding putting grease and food down the drains will help keep it working properly.

Seepage Pits

Many people confuse cesspools with seepage pits. They serve different purposes in treating wastewater. A seepage pit is similar to a cesspool in construction. It  consists of a large pit lined with concrete rings, or porous masonry block to support the walls of the pit, and a surrounding bed of gravel. The difference is that only effluent that has come from a septic tank enters a seepage pit. The effluent has already been through the first stage of processing in the tank. Once it enters the seepage pit it is temporarily stored there until it gradually seeps through the walls and into the surrounding soil. A biomat forms in the bottom of the pit and as the pit ages the biomat grows thick clogging the pores of the pit walls. Seepage pits are not as efficient at processing effluent as drainfields or soil absorption beds.

The most serious concern with both cesspools and seepage pits involves the water table.  They are both closer to the water table, and therefore, they do not protect our groundwater as well as a modern septic system.


All Clear Septic can answer all your septic questions and help you maintain the system you utilize.  Call 508-763-4431 or visit and ask the experts.   Whatever town you reside in, whether Middleboro, MA or Portsmouth, RI, etc. we can answer all your questions.