All Clear Septic All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services have Title 5 Inspections scheduled in Sturbridge, Uxbridge and Franklin today. One of these inspections is for a condominium with 7 units which was arranged by our customer, the condominium association. As per the MASS GOV website:
“Condominiums with five or more units must be inspected once every three years. Those with four or fewer units must be inspected every three years, or within two years prior to the sale of one of the units.
The condominium association is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and upgrade of the system or systems serving the units, unless the governing documents of the association provide otherwise.”
If you are unsure whether your property requires a Title 5 Inspection, contact your local Board of Health. If you need to schedule a Title 5 Inspection or would like further information please do contact our office at 508-763-4431 or visit