flushable wipesFlushable Wipes!  Wipes are everywhere and are the ultimate convenience.  There are baby wipes for changing diapers and general cleanups, kitchen wipes,  make-up wipes, wipes with bleach, floor wipes, pet wipes, bathroom wipes and even flushable wipes.  They make our life easier especially on the go, but should we be flushing any of these down the toilet, even the ones that claim to be flushable?
Studies have been done to test flushable wipes to see how quickly they biodegrade, and while they may break down faster than non flushable wipes, they do not break down as quickly as they should.  Wipes have the potential to plug the sewer line between the house and tank and build up at the inlet of the septic tank.
Wipes can build up in the septic tank and reduce the ability of the solids to break down and to allow just liquid to discharge to  leach field.  This can cause failure of the septic system.  The antibacterial agents on the wipes can also harm the helpful bacteria in your septic tank.
The best advice is to throw all the wipes, even the flushable ones in the garbage.   The only thing that should be put in your toilet is toilet paper.  One-ply is the best and trying to get everyone in the family to conserve the amount of toilet paper being used will keep your septic system running smoothly.
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