free site survey All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services is at a customer’s property in Uxbridge, MA today where we are conducting a free site survey . The homeowner contacted us because they have a problem with their septic system and we offer a free site survey to determine out what the problem is, what the cause or causes might be, and what can be done to solve the problem.
We have extensive experience locating and repairing septic problems and we have the equipment and expertise to ensure that the septic repair is done correctly so that not only is the problem solved, but also the cause of the issue.
We will be attending customer septic repairs also in Sutton, Upton, and Oxford, MA.  If you have a problem with your septic system and would be interested in a free site survey, or if you require a septic repair, please do contact our Norton, MA office at 508-763-4431 or visit