Al Rivet with All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services walks through the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection Form Part 1.

Do you have questions about the Massachusetts Title V ( Title 5 ) Inspection form?  Do you have a septic inspection pending?  Al Rivet from All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services takes us through the 17 page document line by line, highlighting the sections which may cause confusion or need further explanation.
The top of page 1 from the form details the property location and the inspector’s qualifications.  This portion is key as it indicates exactly who is handling the inspection and their state-issued license information.  This is good to have in the event there is some issue in the future or you need a second inspection after completing any upgrades or alterations to the existing system.
The bottom of page 1 and page two detail the status of the system after the inspection.  It can Pass, Conditionally Pass, Fail or require further  Evaluation by the Local Approving Authority.     A passed inspection requires just a check in the box and any comments the inspector feels necessary to add.  A “Conditionally passed” inspection requires the owner to perform some manner of work on the system in order to fully pass, but it is not enough to fail the system.  A “Fail” inspection means the system requires replacement, repair or significant work to bring it up to code.  A “Further Evaluation is Required by the Board of Health” inspection is to ensure the system meets local regulations regarding system location and proximity to drinking water, wells or other wetlands in an effort to prevent environmental contamination.
Below is a video of Al Rivet discussing these points at length!
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All Clear Septic & Wastewater Services Title V Inspection