septic system alarms All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services is installing a septic system alarm for a customer today in Stow, MA.  Septic tanks can be fitted with an alert system that will notify homeowners when the tank needs pumping.  Some are fitted with alarms that will make a high-pitched noise, or sometimes they use a light on the side of the house as an indicator.
A septic alarm can also indicate a malfunction (such as a broken pump, a power failure, a leak inside or outside the tank, clogged drain pipes, or freezing within the pipes) within your septic system.  Our customer wants to have this reassurance that if they do have a septic problem it will be found quickly, and can, therefore, be fixed without it developing into a large costly septic repair or in extreme cases,septic failure.
 We have recently installed and repaired septic alarms for customers in Ware, Dudley, Millbury, Reading, and Lynnfield, MA.  If you would be interested in a septic alarm, or have questions about septic system alarms, please do contact our Norton MA office at 508-763-4431 or visit