A septic system is a septic system, right? Wrong. There are now a couple of different things that can be done to upgrade your current septic system that will help to improve it, by making it easier for professional technicians to access your septic tank when you are in need of service or repair. The cost to upgrade your septic system in Freetown, MA is generally offset after the first two or three pumpings.

Who Should Upgrade Their Septic System?
Septic tank risers should be considered by homeowners who live in areas of the country where the temperatures fall below the freezing level. Septic systems are generally buried below the frost line to protect them from freezing temperatures, which makes them difficult for professional technicians to access during routine inspections or repairs. A septic upgrade in New England is definitely recommended because of the local seasonal temperatures.

When Should You Upgrade Your Septic System?
Ideally, we would all upgrade our septic system in Freetown, MA at the time of installation. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible, particularly if you purchase a home that already has a septic system installed and operational. A septic upgrade in New England can be upgraded immediately when the home is built during new construction or you can upgrade your septic system when you replace your septic tank. Whenever you do it, it is worth the investment.

What Are Septic Tank Risers?
New septic systems that are installed today often incorporate septic tank risers into the original design. Septic tank risers are made of either a plastic polymer or concrete in order to withstand the harsh conditions that the average septic system in Freetown, MA will be exposed to during its lifetime. Septic tank risers range between ten and twenty-four inches in diameter to one to ten feet in height, depending on the size needed.

How Do Septic Tank Risers Work?
When you do a septic upgrade in New England and add septic tank risers, you are essentially adding a pipe that stands upright over the septic tank pump out opening or access port. The riser works to give professional septic system technicians access to the port for easier maintenance and pumpings. Many companies will charge an “access fee” if they have to locate, dig up and uncover the septic tank lid before they can pump out the system. Risers help to avoid these “access fee” charges, reducing your cost for regular maintenance over the life of your septic system.

How Are Septic Tank Risers Installed?
The existing soil around the septic tank lid is usually removed to expose the top of the septic tank and the access port. Then the lid of the septic tank is removed by the installer and the septic tank risers are placed over the exposed opening. They are permanently affixed to the opening of the tank, which brings the top of the riser to grade level. Then, the ground around the septic tank and the new riser is back-filled and the septic tank riser cover is placed over the tank. The riser is typically covered with a thin layer of soil where grass can be planted to cover the exposed surface.

What Are the Benefits of Septic Upgrade in New England?
Aside from the obvious benefits of easy access, there are other benefits associated with adding a septic upgrade in New England. Because the septic tank is buried below the freezing line, the ground above the septic tank is generally frozen in the winter. If the system were to experience a failure in the late fall to early spring months, it would be very difficult to dig up for access and might cost the homeowner even more in “access fee” charges.

How to Upgrade a Septic System in Freetown, MA
If you are looking to upgrade a septic system in Freetown, MA or anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts, eastern Rhode Island or on the Cape, call All-Clear Septic & Wastewater Services. They offer a variety of ways to do a septic upgrade in New England, including septic tank risers, covers and effluent filters. All-Clear also features a preventative maintenance program, which can help to extend the life of your septic system by helping it to work more efficiently. Call All-Clear today for more information about these and other septic services.